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Unlike most websites we do not use cookies, which are little scripts usually designed to improve your experience of a website but which can be designed to breach your privacy by recording information about you. When you visit our site, just like every site owner we can track your visit in our log files and the information we get includes the IP address (this is a unique number which is allocated either permanently or temporarily by your Internet Service Provider) and theoretically it may be possible to indentify you personally through that but it would mean gaining the co-operation of your service provider who would almost certainly require a very good reason and a court order to do so. We can however find out which pages you visited, the time you spent on those pages and in some cases the search terms you used if you visited our site via a search engine. None of this information can be used to personally identify you.

Should you contact us in any way we will store records of your contacts so that we can keep a track of any issues that you have raised. These will be stored on servers using normally accepted security systems which we will upgrade as necessary.

We will not sell, loan, or transfer in any way any data which we have about you unless specifically instructed to do so by a UK court of law or other legal entity with sufficient jurisdiction over us.

Please remember that, as is common in this industry, we carry links to other sites. When you click on one of these links you leave our site and are transferred to another one. This means that our privacy policy no longer applies. You should then ensure that the policy of the website you have been transferred to is satisfactory for your purposes.

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