No Deposit Car Insurance

Driving Whilst Uninsured?

If you are pulled over by the police, and they suspect that you are driving without insurance, it is up to you to prove that you are in fact covered. They have access to the Motor Insurers Database which lists every car insurance policy in the UK, so if you do in fact have insurance it should be listed in there. If not, you have a problem.

On the spot penalties

You may be offered an option of admitting the offence and paying a fixed penalty of £300. Six penalty points will be placed on your driving licence. If you wish to deny the offence, or do not wish to accept the fixed penalty, you can ask for the case to go to court. You should bear in mind that this could result in a fine of up to £5,000 (the minimum is still £300) and a possible disqualification from driving, if the magistrates considered that the offence was serious enough to warrant it.

Your car can now be impounded

You now have a problem of what to do with your car! The police have the right to have it impounded on the spot, in which case it will be taken away to a pound. You will have to pay the costs of towing the vehicle away as well as a daily storage charge. If you fail to collect the car from the pound within 14 days the car is likely be sold by the authorities, or taken to a crusher for disposal as scrap.

Insurance will cost more in the future

In order to collect your car you will have to insure it. The majority of insurance companies will not provide cover for an impounded car so you will need to get one from a specialist impounded car insurer such as this company.. These policies are usually a lot more expensive than a normal policy, although a short term one may be available.

When you apply for your next policy you will have to inform the inurer that you are facing prosecution for, or have been convicted of, driving without insurance. As a result you will find it much harder, and more expensive, to buy cover.

Penalties for further offences

Bear in mind that if you accumulate 12 penalty points within a three year period you will get an automatic disqualification, unless you can successfully plead extenuating circumstances (which is very difficult to do). This ban will usually be for six months for a first offence, but can be up to two years if your commit further offences.

Driving whilst disqualified is, of course, an offence which is likely to result in imprisonment.


So: the least you will get is six points on your driving licence, plus a £300 fine. The final cost to you, if you committed further offences, could be considerably worse.

Because of the use of so many automatic number plate recognition systems on fixed cameras, and in police cars, as well as the effects of the SORN regulations, the likelyhood of anyone getting away with driving whilst uninsured for any length of time is now almost zero.

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