Single Day Car Insurance

So what is one day car insurance?

Simple. It's short-term comprehensive motor insurance which lasts for just a single day. You get a full 24 hours of cover so it doesn't matter what time of day or night your policy begins, you're covered until the same time the following day.

What sort of car can I insure?

You can apply for cover for a car that you own or one that you have borrowed with the express permission of the owner. Like every other insurance company short-term companies have fixed lists of cars that they can cover, and these include most vehicles on our roads today. The car must be registered and kept in the UK, grey imports and modified vehicles are unlikely to be accepted and there should be no more than seven seats. If you are in any doubt about the car you want to insure the answer again is to get a quote and if one is offered it is acceptable, otherwise it is not. You cannot simply pick the nearest car to match your own specification and expect it to be insurable; it will not be.

What sorts of drivers can be insured?

It may sound like a cliche but 'normal underwriting criteria apply'. In other words, the insurance company (or rather their computer program) will look at many factors such as age, driving experience, postcode, vehicle etc etc when deciding whether or not to offer cover. Generally speaking motorists between 18 and 75 with a reasonable driving record and a reasonable car to insure should have little or no problem.

Is it expensive?

Is it as cheap on a day to day basis as a conventional yearly policy? No. However many people are pleasantly surprised by the premiums and everyone's circumstances are different; but a quote only takes about a minute so why not get one now.

Is it a scam?

Hardly. The insurance market in Britain is tightly regulated and all insurers have to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, a quasi-governmental body which supervises financial institutions in the UK. Clients of authorised companies can apply to the Financial Compensation Scheme in the event of that company being unable to meet its obligations.

Is it easy to buy?

Provided that you have the registration number of the car that you wish to insure it should take just a few minutes to go through the formalities and if (a) you are offered a quote and (b) you find it acceptable you can have a policy in place almost immediately. What are you waiting for – why not get a quote now!

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